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How To Safely Wash Your Home In Mcdonough GA

What is soft washing, Power Washing, Pressure Cleaning and how do you pick the right service?

Here at ReFresh Pressure Washing based out of Mcdonough GA use all three methods depending on what we are cleaning. Soft washing is exactly what it sounds like, its a soft low pressure approach to cleaning a typlical wood, vinyl or stucco home. A typical home in Mcdonough GA dosent need to have high pressure to get even the dirtiest homes clean and we have found with our 15 years of experience that this is the safest way to clean. What we do here at Refresh pressure washing is apply a soap formula that is biodegradable to your exterior siding and let the chemical do most of the cleaning so that your property is not at risk of damage.

So what is Power Washing? Well power washing is also just what it sounds like. This style cleaning is for the dirty, greasy, muddy type jobs that require a very skilled professional to remove the build up of grime and oil stains. We also use this method but mainly for our commercial accounts where there has been heavy foot traffic, chemical spills or industrial equipment that has to be cleaned on a weekly basis for proper operation.

So lastly where does pressure cleaning come in? Pressure cleaning just like pressure washing are the generic and most recognizable terms for cleaning a giving property and these words are interchangeable and can mean soft or power style cleaning.

The goal as a home owner is not necessarily to hire a company based on what they call themselves, but to ask the right questions. 1) How are you going to wash my house? With high or low pressure? 2) are they licenced and insured? 3) How are they rated on Google?

Knowing more information will help you decide who is the best fit to clean your home. Here at Refresh Pressure Washing-Mcdonough GA are rated 5 stars on Google, We are licenced and Insured and we only use the soft wash process on residential homes. If you are in Mcdonough GA and would like a FREE quote please give us a call at 678 410 6887 or check us out on Google by visiting this link you can also find us on our website @ and on facebook @ Refresh


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