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Replace Or Restore My Old Deck In Mcdonough GA?

Here At Refresh Pressure Washing - Mcdonough GA, Have proven an effective way to clean, mildew, dirt and grime thats covering that once upon a time beautiful deck of yours. When a new deck is built and not sealed for protection from the weather, the wood can take a major beating! The wood starts to decompose over time, causing weak spots on the floor and fungus growth in the cracks. Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold, This GA weather is very unpredictable and the humidity can cause major structural problems in a very short time to your deck. Well since Refresh Pressure Cleaning is a professional business, we understand how to use the right techniques to remove all of that top layer of weathered oxidation while not splintering or damaging your deck any further. Replacing a deck can cost you a fortune these days, but hiring a professional pressure cleaning company like Refresh Pressure Cleaning can get you the desired look of a new deck at a fraction of the cost compared to replacing it. Of course depending on how old the deck is and if any new henry county codes are in place may determine which route is best for you. Here at Refresh Pressure Cleaning of Mcdonough GA, Safety is our #1 goal and we always offer free quotes so contact us today. 678 410 6887 If Restoring an old deck is the best option for you, we recommend applying a paint sealer combo the same week after the cleaning is done for a longer lasting life span of your newly restored deck.

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