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Roof Cleaning In Jackson, GA, Enhance Curb Appeal, Insurance Cancellations & More

If you drive through a typical neighborhood in Jackson GA you might see black streaks on the roof top....but what is that stuff? These black streaks are mold, mildew, Lichen and other organisms that can continue to grow causing premature roof failure if not properly maintained. Here at Refresh Pressure Cleaning we offer a 'Soft Wash" service specifically for Roofs. High pressure should never be used on a roof top because it can seriously damage your asphalt shingles causing more harm than good. The method we use is supported by the manufacturers of asphalt shingles and will restore your roof making it look beautiful again.

Did you know having a dirty roof can decrease your home value based on curb appeal alone by as much as $10,000 dollars! If you are putting your home on the market to sell having a fresh looking roof will greatly increase your chances of selling the property and also save yourself from being at risk for roof damage caused by letting that black mildew, mold algae, lichen and other organisms eat away at your shingles.

Insurance companies are starting to crack down on home owners who do not

maintain their roofs and have even started canceling policy's. Here is a video link of a home owner facing this very thing for you to see for yourself.

A new roof can cost $5000 dollars or more and a typical Roof cleaning from Refresh Pressure Cleaning in Jackson GA only averages around $450 dollars. We always offer free quotes so if you would like us to come out and inspect your roof for mold and mildew just give us a call at 678 410 6887 or visit us on Facebook @ Thank you!

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