Are Gutter Guards Worth The Money?

The typical home owner will spend an average of $100 per gutter cleaning! Here at Refresh Pressure Cleaning we offer a yearly gutter clean out service in the Mcdonough GA area.......The only problem is that its a never ending expense! Leaves fall, the wind blows and bam! gutters are full.....honestly a typical home in Mcdonough or Jackson GA needs their gutters cleaned 3 times a year to keep them clear for proper drainage. Lets do the math: $100 x 3 clean outs per year = $300, We offer top of the line high flow, leaf free gutter guards at only $9 per linear foot labor and material installed! So lets just say you have 100ft of gutter x $9 per foot = $900. $900 / $300 = 3 years to recover your investment! Bottom line is this, if you plan on living in the same residence for over 3 years then Gutter guards are probably a great choice for you! Call Refresh Pressure Cleaning at 678 410 6887 or visit us @RefreshClean05 on Facebook, Twitter or instagram if your in the mcdonough or jackson GA area for a free no obligation quote and consultation to see if a yearly gutter cleaning service or gutter guards are right for you! Visit us at

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